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Lets get started!!

Sep 30, 2010 at 11:20 AM

So lets get started whit these..

We proably want to design a plan of something.
So lets make a brainstorm of somekind.

But we could, want to know more about each other.
I think Athtar, proably know must about us.

I have a most experince in using php, whit mysql, and some ASP coding.
I would say im average php coder. (Can code but still use google seach alot to find solution to a problem)

For my php coding i use a php framwork called codeigniter, i would suggest we use these or something similar for the projekt.

At the moment i have a project of making a Car workshop for a client.
It is done now BUT i just have alot more feature i like to add to his site ^^

Also working on a VB projekt free based. a little mmo game.